When analyzed the biggest five sectors of manufacturing industry, Textile products, automotive products and their spare parts, food commodities, metal and chemical products come first. The sectors that have the biggest share in exports of Turkey are more and less same; those five sectors seem the most exporting industries.  This show the manufacturing activities in Turkey are focused on the industries providing a limited added value to the economy.


Resource: The Central Bank of Turkey

The main expense item of Turkish manufacturing industry is raw material – material costs. Labor costs come second with %10 share. In past 10 years, the structure of the manufacturing industry started an evolution and whiles the share of labor intensive production decreases, material and technology intensive production style become more popular. In this context, intermediate goods for production become vital for manufacturers.

Turkey must focus on technology-intensive and information-intensive production industries. Because the labor-intensive and capital-intensive industries and investments change their locations easily according to economical and poltical conditions. Contrary to that, technology and information intensive industries change their locations more slowly or never change and those industries will help to create a sustainable growth in Turkish economy.